Financially Stylish

The best of both worlds…to be stylish and do it while shopping smart. One of the first tips is to keep your closet organized, this way you can see all your clothes, accessories and shoes you have available.  Sometimes we have items out of sight (out of mind) which can lead to duplicate purchase orContinue reading “Financially Stylish”

Show Love to Small Businesses!

More than ever it is important to support local, small businesses. Independent brands are facing tough times and a lot of them have to close their doors for a while many may not reopen.  Support local businesses by choosing them over nationwide chains. Find out if they sell gift cards, offer delivery services or haveContinue reading “Show Love to Small Businesses!”

Green is the new black

How to recycle your old clothes! Sustainable fashion needs to be talked about more than the season’s trends. I have been doing my part by creating new items out of old fabrics. Upcycling is something I have been researching for a few years and I want to share some very important information.  I hope thatContinue reading “Green is the new black”