The best way to have great style on a budget is to create a capsule wardrobe. Classic items that work together in any number of combinations. Pieces that can take you from work to play. You take the guesswork out of getting dressed and thus prevent from being overwhelmed. The best is that it is a sustainable option that will last for years. 

Purchase a button-up shirt. They do not have to be corporate uniforms. This shirt can be worked so versatile for an endless amount of looks. 

Jeans, these were created as work pants, and have become the casual wardrobe staple. It’s best to invest in well-made jeans and keep them slimmer fit for more options on styling. A staple that is not going out of style. 

The motorcycle jacket is not only for punk rock kids but it is universally loved. A well-made motorcycle jacket adds a timeless fashion edge to your wardrobe. 

A tailored made/or altered to your measurement suit. You will need it. You can wear the pants and jacket separately to make the most out of your investment. The suit is not only timeless, chic but also for all genders. 

Style for me is when you no longer care about being cool. Doing you is timeless and no one can copy that. 

If fashion that does not reflect the times is not fashion & always remember that fashion embraces the weirdos. Do not be afraid to be you!

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