Real Story

When my Dad worked creating custom clothes, he updated and remade pieces for his clients. The final product, each was unique. The day I fell in love with style was when I would see my father prepare custom looks for his clients. Designer expensive items, second-hand treasures, and even generic brands were all transformed into one-of-a-kind pieces.

I began experimenting in the 90s- For me being able to choose my style was a sign of independence, identity, I see style as important for mood changing and armor for battle or inspiration.

I represent being an immigrant, a woman, an entrepreneur, a dreamer, and nothing stops me! The impact of style was huge in my life, so I know that I can help guide others to find their own empowerment. Giving people the tools, tricks, and tips to make the most out of their closet for any budget and staying green is a huge plus.

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