Financially Stylish

The best of both worlds…to be stylish and do it while shopping smart.

One of the first tips is to keep your closet organized, this way you can see all your clothes, accessories and shoes you have available.  Sometimes we have items out of sight (out of mind) which can lead to duplicate purchase or having similar items in your wardrobe. 

You also want to get the most bang for your buck out of your wardrobe, which can sometimes mean spending a little more.  For example, if you spend more on a pair of jeans that you will probably wear everyday, you get more mileage out of them then let’s say a clearance dress for sale at $50.00 which you will only wear once. 

Think about outfits that you can wear for multiple occasions, like work, school and social events, just by pairing them with the right shoes and/or accessories.  You may want to spend a little more on the items that you plan on wearing more, it makes more sense to spend a little more on the right jacket, pants, and even a dress depending on how many times you can get away with sporting it accordingly. 

Another item that you do not need to spend too much money is on accessories, jewelry. Try sticking with costume/fashion jewelry that you can wear a few times and get your money’s worth out of them.  You may want to splurge on a nice watch, stud earrings or even a ring that you can use for your everyday wear, but to definitely have some fun with jewelry change the look of items you already own, this also includes having fun with scarves, glasses, and hats. If you have a limited budget, spend it on accessories- cool shoes, interesting jewelry can elevate your look. Accessories, the key to making a smaller closet appear much larger than it is.

If you need basics, you should skip the high-end labels and stick with more affordable options, for example when wearing a colorful dress, grab gold jewelry for a touch of fanciness that won’t compete with the pretty colors or prints.  

An item you shouldn’t be without, a go-to party dress- a silhouette with a low or sweetheart neckline and 50’s feel is perfect.

TIPS: Plan your wardrobe : to save money figure out which pieces you need for your lifestyle and then shop the sales to find them. You will avoid having a closet full of stuff that you only wear once.

TIPS: You dont have to spend a fortune : a fake fur neckpiece looks remarkably real. A faux crocodile bag costs a fraction of the real thing.

Take a high fashion approach to lower priced clothing – It’s more about maintaining an attitude about style than spending a lot of cash.

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