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Fashion shows are back ! Covid put the entire world on notice that at any moment everything that we know can suddenly change. The history of our planet has always focused on how adaptation is the key to survival, this we must never forget. More than ever businesses relied on ecommerce, shipping and virtual events. The fashion industry feeds on energy. Fashion is not just the clothes we wear but a reflection of the culture, changing times, revolution and innovation. 2021 things are slowly turning around and as the numbers of infections decrease we are being slowly allowed to return to our “new normal”.

I have missed fashion week events. The production of a fashion event is just that, a production. You need a team in order to get the location, permits, participating brands, schedule of events, DJ, media, security, designers, models, staff & accommodations in order to present a visually attractive experience. Unless you have worked an event, you learn to appreciate a well managed expo. Blanca of Productions BV produced the event in February. The location was a Rancho setting that was very romantic. Red rose arrangements adorned the hacienda creating a rich setting of colors and volume inside the shopping center and the runway stage. These independent brands came to slay. These set ups were beautifully executed which made navigating each table fun and exciting to see what each brand had to offer. The music was upbeat, the guests came in their very best looks and did not let some low temperatures stop them.

The well organized evening made a very smooth transition from shopping to motivational speakers and finally ending the night with an eclectic runway displaying streetwear by My Generation , ready to wear by Designer Oseas Villatoro & Criseida Couture with closing by evening wear designs from Anna Gupta Official. A special shout out to the host Christy Anne Lopez & entertainment by Stephanie Sical who kept us engaged throughout the evening. In the time of a pandemic what we could take away from this lovely event was the social distance measures, masks, sanitizing stations and crowd control in an outdoor setting. They pulled it off and although it may not seem as an essential activity to most, for us creatives it was a very needed time to come together and support one another after a year of uncertainty, fear and heartbreak on every level.

Mental illness suffering is on the rise and we have to do what we can to stay positive and motivated in a responsible way. I cannot wait to see what other events Productions BV puts together in the future. Nothing lasts forever, which includes pandemics. I promise we will be out of the woods soon & get back to doing things we love, of course now we just take extra preventative measures so that we keep everyone safe in order to continue to create no matter what the world throws our way.

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