Show Love to Small Businesses!

More than ever it is important to support local, small businesses. Independent brands are facing tough times and a lot of them have to close their doors for a while many may not reopen. 

Support local businesses by choosing them over nationwide chains. Find out if they sell gift cards, offer delivery services or have an online shop. 

If you do not know any local entrepreneurs, ask your friends and family for recommendations and share the love as well by also spreading the news. You can also support your local vendors from the comfort of your own home by following. Sharing and commenting on their social media. 

What I love is that our shop is staying green by only making products as a made to service request. We only create products that were actually bought and this is a step towards more sustainable fashion production. Too many retail items of overstock end up in landfills. 

The ink used for print is water based for DTG. 

The purpose of zero waste movement is to redesign the way we use products whether it’s repairing instead of replacing, repurposing instead of throwing away and buying items with biodegradable or no packaging and leading a minimalist lifestyle so that no waste ends up in landfills.

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